Wednesday, November 3, 2010

stencil love.

I think stencils are awesome and I have seen so many amazing projects on tons of different blogs. I have wanted to try it out myself and now is the time!


The above image is from She honestly has the most amazingly beautiful home I have ever seen! It’s totally my style and I absolutely love everything she does :) I copy her a lot.


She also stenciled these trays and they look very cool.


She has this cool fireplace and the wall above it sticks out a bit and she stenciled on that part of the wall. She also has this awesome antler head-thing that is totally random but looks amazing!


She used the same stencil in her master bathroom.


Here are some other really cool stencil projects that I have been drooling over.

trellisafter_thumb cgheadboard_thumb2

So here is the one I am going to attempt to copy in our master bedroom! I’m only going to do the accent wall that I painted darker (the one our bed is against), but I’m so excited!


I know it’s going to take forever to trace the stencil (which I have already made and cut out of sturdy cardboard) and then fill it all in, but I think it will be worth it!


Dan thinks I’m totally crazy and I will regret it, but I have no problem taking my time and working on it a little bit at a time.


I’m going to do it a little more subtle than she did in these pictures and use a color a few shades lighter than my walls and maybe add a pearlescent color to it so it has a slight shimmer like some of the pics above.                    


Here is the finished product from Check out her whole house-I love it!


So what do you think? Am I way crazy? Is it going to look amazing or will I regret it? Worst case scenario: repaint the wall! Yay! I can’t wait to get started…now if I only had to work 5 hours a day that would be perfect….

If it works out I may just add a stencil in our “nook” where our built in desk is in the kitchen/family room area!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Hocus Pocus

This weekend was my birthday (Halloween baby!) and it didn’t disappoint. First of all, Shell was in town visiting from Connecticut (can she live further away??) and I was so happy that she came to visit and because everyone loves her so much, some other cute girls came too and we had a great time!IMG_6113          Shelley came with Thad (20 months), Heidi came with Sadie (2 years ish), Breanne came with Brielle (10 months) and Brigitte came with Leah (1 year ish)! It was a party for sure!IMG_6115           The kiddos had a blast scattering toys everywhere and watching Baby Einstein (Sadie was literally inches from the TV most of the time). We were basically oblivious and just ate a lot of brownies and talked a lot! It was so fun to have them at my house and the kids are a blast and sooo stinkin’ cute!IMG_6118                I’ve said this before, but Shelley is really the best person ever, she is such a good friend and I give her a lot of credit for helping me make good decisions through my life because of her example and friendship. I tear up just thinking about her living far away but I’m glad I got to see her! Somehow, Shell manages to be friends with everyone and she honestly brings people together. I know so many great people because Shelley was friends with them first! I love this girl :)           

                  IMG_6112                            Heidi, Bre, Shell, me, and Brigitte. We didn’t run out of things to say and I loved having them over!IMG_6114            Next… birthday weekend! Dan is of course the best (did I mention he cleaned up the house before my friends came over while I was at work? Love him…). And he was like a child when he gave me presents in bed because he was so excited. He did awesome and he got me a new camera! I love it and it’s so tiny but has a lot of sweet features and it’s great! I can’t wait to take it on our cruise in December.DSC00007            We went to a corn maze and carved/painted pumpkins Friday night. We were one of the only people over age 16 at the corn maze but we still loved it.                    DSC00009              Dan made this wonder and he also carved a huge bat pumpkin that I didn’t take a picture of but trust me, it was awesome :) DSC00010                 I decided to paint my pumpkin and this is how it ended up. Dan traced the bat for me because I have no artistic skills whatsoever. But we had fun and we watched M.J.’s Thriller afterwards!DSC00011              Sunday we had some family over for dinner and I didn’t take a lot of pictures (the kids distract me too much!), but it was fun. We used dry ice to make “witches brew” rootbeer. This picture is awesome and I wish there was sound because the cackle he was making was amazing.DSC00012 DSC00017  DSC00019    

Like I said, I didn’t take many pics, but I loved having family over and it was a blast. I got some great presents and once again, my birthday was a success!