Friday, September 17, 2010

A few of my favorite things...

I thought I would do a post about a few of my (and Dan's) favorite shows. Some are just as of late and some are classics.
House Hunters is considered a classic for me. I've always loved it. And it's always on HGTV. House Hunters International is also very awesome. We like the rich people houses the best :)Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory is sooo funny! He is just nuts but we always laugh really hard at the things he says and does. Surviving The Cut is on Discovery (or History...not sure) and it's new this season. It's about the most elite army/navy/marine/etc groups and how they train and get in. It's painful to watch but it's really amazing and interesting!Swamp People is a big time winner. This is about people in the Bayou during alligator hunting season and they are hard core. There are usually subtitles when they talk and they catch alligators with string and their hands! Madness.American Pickers is a cool show about these guys that go to all these back roads small town places and go through people's "junk" to look for treasures and things to resell. They're pretty funny and the stuff they find is crazy!Flipping Out is probably my fave right now and I'm so glad that I found it on Comcast OnDemand. It is so hilarious and Jeff Lewis and the people who work for him are serious characters! His housekeeper Zoila (below) is probably the best one on the show besides Jeff. This is awesome because it combines decorating, remodeling and comedy! Another classic. Obviously we can't wait for The Office to start again.

Glee is a great show too. I started watching last season but got busy and forgot to watch so I got caught up and now I'm excited for this season to start. The music is awesome and Sue Sylvester is absolutely hysterical.Since Flash Forward got cancelled (sad!), we need to find a new show and I'm thinking I will give The Event a chance...hopefully it's good! Those are some of the shows we really love and watch a lot. Thank goodness for DVR! What are your favorite shows right now? What do you HAVE to watch every week?