Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm kind of going on a blogging spree today, but I just got my long-awaited new glasses and I'm so excited. I took some pictures on my webcam (mostly for my mom who will want pictures). That's why the pictures look a little weird. But these glasses were 20 bucks each on! And that is paying extra for my super terrible vision! It includes lenses and the frames range from $8-$40 or so. There are tons of cute and crazy glasses and I'm really excited about them!! Check it out!

Fun in the Sun

Dan and I were able to go to St. George this past weekend to spend a little time in the sun and get revved up for finals. My parents drove down there with us and Steph met us there since she just lives in Cedar City. We had a really good time and it was great to lay by the pool and relax in the sun!
The St. George temple is really beautiful and it reminded me of the Logan temple!
We all went bowling and it was a blast. Of course I dominated! :)
We tried to go rock climbing but the places we wanted to go were closed for turtle preservation! we just climbed around on the rocks and had a good time.Notice the sign "stay on designated trails"...with Steph and Dan in the background climbing around! Haha

I downloaded Picasa by google and it has some really cool features. I made these cute collages of all the pictures I took down in St. George. I'm not sure if I prefer the collages on the blog or individual pictures. Let me know your opinion on the matter....
You can click on the collage to open it in a bigger view as well.
Good times!

Hoppy Easter!

Easter was a lot of fun and we were able to do an Easter egg hunt with Danny's family on Saturday evening then have a delicious Easter dinner on Sunday with my family. Watching the kids hunt for Easter eggs was so much fun and I take so many pictures of them, it's like they're my kids! But I love them and have a blast with them.

Unloading all the Easter eggs into the baskets (with the help of Grandma).Isn't she darling?! Sarah is so funny and tiny and just a doll. I love her huge brown eyes! She ate so much chocolate, I couldn't believe it! Then on Easter Sunday she got into Emily's and ate all of Emily's chocolate too!

All the cute kiddles lined up after getting all their Easter eggs outside.

They just couldn't wait to get outside and find all the eggs!