Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I want a puppy!

Since we first got a dog about 4 years ago (a cute little Poodle named Daisy), my mom has completely changed. She has gone from an animal despising cold-hearted woman, to a puppy-loving sucker. Anyway, our cute Daisy died last summer and my mom has talked about buying another puppy. She gave in and bought Ollie on Saturday! He is so darling and I wanted to bring him back up to Logan with us! He is such a good puppy and I just love him to death! He's cuddly and tiny and sweet. Getting him made me really really want to get a puppy for us! It gave me even more motivation to hopefully get a house next year and then we can get a puppy too! I love him! Totally precious!

He loves to follow us and he just runs around wherever we go!