Sunday, August 17, 2008

Jackson Hole-Round Two!

We went to Jackson Hole to run the river one last time before the summer is over. We went once back in June and had a blast. We also went about a month ago but I didn't go on the river that time. We drove up Friday night with my sister Steph and her friend Scott. Mike was nice and let us crash in his nice trailer so we didn't have to sleep in the cold! We went down the river in a small raft with us four and Mike and Jerrica. It was a blast and the small raft made it even more exciting. We hit some good rapids and had a great time! We went into Jackson that evening and wandered around and had dinner. Then we drove back to Logan Saturday night. It was a quick trip but really fun. Standing under the famous elk antler arch. Pretty amazing how many antlers there were!

Here we are hanging out after the river. It was great weather-not too hot, but still nice!

Dan my handyman

So I drive a wonderful little 2001 Ford Focus. It gets great gas mileage and has actually been quite wonderful until almost a year ago when it started breaking down all the time. We (and by "we" I mean my mom before Dan and I were married) have put a lot of money into repairs in the last year, and we decided we would try to sell it if it breaks down again. Lo and behold, we had some strange problems starting last week and we took it in to get checked out. They said the spark plugs needed to be changed and they quoted us almost $200 for it. Dan was sure he could do it himself, so we paid the $45 for them to tell us what was wrong, then Dan went and bought the supplies and did it himself! I was very proud and it saved us a lot of money. What a man! Working on the car.